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          Typical Diameter (Φmm:--------------------------8.0, 10.0, 12.7, 15.0, 20.0, 25.4, 30.0
          Typical Thickness (mm):--------------------------1.0 ~ 50.0
          Diameter Tolerance (mm):-----------------------+0.0/-0.2 (General), +0.0/-0.02 (High Precision)
          Thickness Tolerance (mm):----------------------±0.2 (General), ±0.005 (High Precision)
          Clear Aperture:---------------------------------------->80% (Small Size), >95% (Large Size)
          Parallelism:-------------------------------------------3 min. (General), 3 sec. (High Precision)
          Surface Quality:--------------------------------------- 60/40 (General), 10/5 (High Precision)
          Flatness (per 25mm@633nm):-----------------λ /2(General), λ/10 (High Precision)
          Bevel (face width x 450):-------------------------<0.25mm
          Coating:-------------------------------------------- Uncoated, AR, HR, PR, Coating, etc.

          Note for Borofloat Window:
          (1). Custom-made Borofloat windows at any size are available. Besides round, Borofloat windows at shape of quadrate, triangular, or other polygonal are available
          (2). Thickness from 1.0mm to 50.0 mm is available upon request.


          Note: Other windows with material such as Ge, Si, CaF2, MgF2 etc are available upon request, pls kindly refer to IR OPTICS section.

             PDF to download